Monday, 15 August 2011

This is something I thought about doing when the London firefighter strike started and never got round to it, now the riots have calmed down (for now) I've decided to get off my butt and begin.

So where to start, the beginning is always expected and all the good films and books start with a prologue to set the scene.

I am a full time fireman with the London Fire Brigade and have been for some years and love the job I do, even with the quotas and cold calling I still have the drive to get out and help 'the public'

You'll come to see that I'll try very hard to conceal my real identity for one reason, when you post things on social networking sites that do not adhere to the norm and lies of the higher echelon of the brigade they have a real nasty way of showing their utter contempt of that person. They bully and harass under the guise of discipline and inflict random punishments, these are so one sided that they'd even give the Army's kangaroo court system of justice a run for its money.

So there is the start, don't expect too much to begin with and don't expect any sort of intellectual writer either. I am just a man doing a job he loves and trying to protect mine and other firefighters future.


  1. I look forward to your online mutterings Mr Urban. We probably know each other.

    Good luck, I've linked your blog to the side bar of mine.

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  3. nice one look forward to more

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