Saturday, 3 September 2011

Well I know I said I'd post but didn't mention how often, I don't class myself in the same vein as some writers and never class myself as funny (loud indeed but not humorous).

So my job and that of my brothers (& sisters) is ever changing and for that I am grateful for the chance to make fast decisions that will change a person, it's not always life changing and there is a difference between the two. Talking to kids and their parents and informing them of smoke alarms isn't the glamorous side of that job, most of us don't have a problem with this. They do however have a problem with the way 'they' make it out as one of the reasons to change our shifts. As I write I can say since the new shifts I haven't done ONE smoke alarm between 6pm and 8pm, so someone was mistaken and the hundreds of families waiting for those brave guys and gals to turn up and make their homes safer just decided not to have it done or the taxi taking fat cats lied.

It's alright though because we took the threats and the change of shifts and still turn out the doors as we have always done, still do our job the best we can. The problem now is we have no respect for the senior people (I won't dignify using the word officer) we slag them off behind their back, don't respect their decisions and respect them as firefighters even less.

Will it change? I can't see it just yet when they try to put the same sort of people as themselves into higher and higher positions

Pre Arrange Overtime, well that's a whole story in itself............................................

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